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Hello, my name is BrianSPIES and I fotograf food... I think that food is a work of art with a long tradition ranging from Northern Baroque Gravitas to MidCentury Pop. I believe that food is one of the few truly universal subjects in visual iconography, along with beauty, death and experiences of divinity. Like those things food is ubiquitas. There is not a creature on this planet that doesn't require some form of substanance. Though we may disagree when it comes to taste, all peoples agree when it comes to passion... passion for food! Everyone loves food of some kind even if we never seem to agree on the particulars. It is with that in mind, along with my own overflowing cup of passion for food, that I set out as an artist to depict that which I love the most! I hope that my work elicits a kind of hunger in you that drives you to seek out that favourite meal of place to eat, I hope my photographs remind you why you love that sandwich or soup or stew or whatever it is for you and lastly; I hope, maybe selfishly, that you are so inspired that you might want to have one of my photographs hanging in your kitchen to zonk you back into focus on those days when you forget that to eat is be human and to share that humanity with others is to taste the divine in us all. So eat, drink and be merry for to be alive is to never be full! I almost forgot this last part... If anyone is interested in seeing more of the photographs on this site, as well as many more, they can go to my flickr page which can be found right here. Furthermore, if you should happen to have any question regarding my photographs or anything else regarding my work, in general, feel free to shoot me an eMail via this link here! That's all from me for now folks, the kitchen and the camera are calling!!! Thanx for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.

Here are some helpful links:
my email
my flickr group

my flickr page

some fellow food centric artists that I like:
Clare Crespo
Tom Sachs

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